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In this course, for years, there has been a mid-term exam and a final exam - both of them written. In 2008, this course was offered, for the first time, for distance students. So, I decided to have on-line exams that you can practice on at home. You get your grade right away, which is certainly an advantage, whether you take the quiz at home (in February), or when you take the mid-term and final exams.

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You can see links to practice quizzes on the front page. You are welcome to take these at any time, day or night, for your pleasure! When you've finished the quiz, you can see your grade. You can see what you got wrong and what you got right. So, you can try again, and again, and again ... as many times as you wish. These are random quizzes, which means that you never get the same set of questions, or in the same order. But each time you try, you learn something new. Which is, of course, the main purpose of education.

My best advice for you is to start with the first theory, when we're discussing that theory (not right before the exam). The grades that you get for these quizzes do not count, but I can assure you that there is a direct correlation between the number of quizzes taken and the actual exam grades. Believe me. The most eager students, who took the quizzes again and again last year, got a 9,0 or over (they read well, too, of course).

Please note that practice quizzes are closed from 8:00 on the days of the mid-term and final exams, and from 09:00 on the day of the home quiz.



Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the home quiz on air for two hours?
The quiz is timed for 60 minutes to give you some leeway, if you can not start at 20:00. You can start at 20:50. The quiz could be on air for a whole day, but then students could "help" each other - one takes it first, and then assists a colleague. After all, this is a university and at this level, you are above such illegal behaviour. You must push the "Finish" button when you are finished.

What if I miss a quiz - or fail?
As there is a possibility that at some time or the other, a student misses a quiz because she or he is sick, a retake may be offered. But you must produce a valid reason for missing it. You know about these dates and times from the first day of class. Students had plenty of time to practice for the home quiz, so if they fail it, there is no second chance.

When can I see my grade?
Immediately after you take the quiz, your grade will show (and an e-mail is sent to me). You can print out your results. Note that your grade for the mid-term and final quiz WILL be raised by 0.0 to 1.0, according to the results from your "essay" questions.

What do you mean by "essay" questions in the final exam?
Students have complained that there is no way to "talk" your way out of a question, that is, to explain in your own words, instead of clicking an option. I've found a way to solve this, and now, 10% of the mid-term and final exams consists of this kind of questions.
........Note that for the "ESSAY" questions, you don't get a grade, you get 0.0. The four "essay" questions count 10 points, or 0.25 each. This means that if you get 2 of them perfectly right, your grade will be raised by 0.5. If you get all four perfectly right, your grade will be raised by 1.0.

What if I want to change my answer?
Before you have finished the test, you can always go back and review your answers. You can always see how much time you have left, so if there is time, don't push the "Finish" button, go back and review your answers. After you push "Finish" - the grade will be sent to me and you can not go back. You can still see your answers and which ones were correct.

What if I fail the mid-term or final exam, and, say, get only 3.5?
It is the overall grade that counts. You've seen the Excel file on UGLA where you can enter your grades and see what your average grade is - what you need to pass the exam. So, even if you get only 3.5, the opera ain't over. I haven't sung yet ;=).

What can I take with me into the exam? Can I use my laptop?
Only writing utensils (to write notes on blank paper). No notes, no books, no laptops, no dictionaries. Remember your ID-card.

The final exam and the mid-term exams are practically the same. Why is the mid-term only worth 35% and the final one 40%
The Home Quiz, worth 10%, is actually a practice quiz for the mid-term quiz. These are the differences:

  • You take the Home Quiz at home, and have a chance to look up the answers
  • The Mid-Term exam includes also psychoanalytic criticism, in addition to the theories in the Home Quiz

So, as you've already taken the mid-term quiz, or a part of it, at home, your mid-term quiz weighs 35%. You haven't taken any part of the final quiz, and therefore, it weighs 40%.

What about the essay question? Is there one or two essays?
You remember the British Literature exam, when you ticked a box that was 10% of your exam, and wrote your answer, graded afterwards? It contained four short essay questions, unprepared. This is the same. I expect some 8-10 lines.

Is this exam much harder than the home quizzes we've taken?
It's the same level of difficulty. But, at home, you had your books, and you had Google, if you ran into trouble, and here, you have nothing except your fabulous brain. There may be a difference because of the stress factor, but at least you have very much time - triple the time you had for your other quizzes, so you can think, think and think, and relax.

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