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Gudrun Stephensen

B. Selkirk 11 May 1919
D. Reykjavik 17 December 2003

Gudrun Stephensen was born in Selkirk, Canada, on the 11th of May, 1919. She died in Eir, nursing home, on the 17th of December 2003, eighty-four years old. She had had the Parkinson's disease for around 15 years and lost most of her eyesight, but her spirit was bright and her memory sharp. Only a week or two before she died, she had provided the descendants of her brother, Peter Johnson (d. 1983), with relevant information about his origins in Iceland. and his trip to Canada. This she remembered as if it had happened only yesterday.

Wednesday the 17th of December was no different from any other day for Mother in the nursing home. She got up, had lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall, listened to the news and talked to people on her telephone. After dinner, her son Pall Arnor, came to visit with his wife, Ragna. They helped Mother dial the number for Sissu, our sister in Minnesota, to see if her daughter, Sunna, and her 11-month-old son, Frosti, had made the trip from Iceland safely. After the phone call, Pall Arnor and Ragna chatted with Mother for a while and then left. An hour later, Mother called a nurse to assist her getting ready for bed. The nurse arrived immediately and was going to help her sit up, but Mother was limp. She had in the meantime, in her own quiet and modest way, closed her eyes and set upon her travel to God's eternal Kingdom of Heaven. What a beautiful way to end an adventurous, happy and productive life.

Mother has now joined her husband, Pall S. Palsson, who died in 1893, her two brothers, Gunnlaugur and Peter, and other lost friends and relatives.

I started this page only four days after Mother passed away - in loving memory of her. The family, my brothers and sisters and I, want to tell her story and keep it alive.

Please use the column on the left to select pages. I have not yet translated this starting page and the page about Gudrun's children into English, but I will continue working on the rest. Any thoughts about Gudrun, poetry, or a small piece of remembrance, would be greatly appreciated. Please send to Anna Heida.

I hope you enjoy reading these pages and seeing the pictures, and that you will send nice thoughts and prayers to my Mother.

God bless the memory of Gudrun G. Stephensen,

Anna Heiða

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