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Gudrun G. Stephensen

Her eight children

Here is a list of Guðrun's children, eight in all):

1. Stefan Palsson, Attorney at Law, born 3 July 1945.
2. Sesselja Pálsdóttir, businesswoman and playwright, b. 25 October 1946.
3. Pall Arnór Palsson,
Attorney at Law, b. 5. June 1948.
4. Signy Palsdottir, Cultural Director for the City of Reykjavik, b. 11. March 1950.
5. Thorunn
Palsdottir, teacher and actor, b. 3 November 1951.
6. Sigthrudur (Sissú)
Palsdottir, artist & architect, b. 22 November 1954
7. Anna Heida Palsdottir, PhD, Office Manager for Alcoa, b. 14 May 1956.
8. Ivar
Palsson, Businessman, b. 26 February 1958.

1. STEFAN PALSSON, Attorney at Law, born 3 July 1945.


Stefan has a law degree from the University of Iceland. He had a private law practice for many years and now works for the Icelandic Maritime Administration. Stefan is an accomplished golfer, a sport he enjoys with his wife Gudrun Jonsdottir.  Stefan is the father of four children and grandfather of ten. His children are: Helga Thordís Gudmundsdóttir ( the mother of three daughters), Arni Stefansson ( the father of three sons), Anna Gudrún Stefansdóttir ( the mother of two children), and Gudrún Elísabet Stefansdóttir (the mother of two children).

2. SESSELJA PALSDOTTIR, writer and entrepreneur, b. in 1946.

Sesselja (Sella Pals) is a writer and an entrepreneur. At 18, she went to Texas to attend college at Sam Houston State University and then to Louisiana State University. After spending two years in Iceland, she moved to USA. Sella established Palsson’s restaurant in New York City and was the original producer of the hit show “Forbidden Broadway” in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. A graduate of the University of Utah (psychology), she has written a few plays, screenplays and just completed her first novel. She was the founder of SeniorShops.com, for many years a successful e-commerce site. Currently, she resides on a ranch in Wyoming. She has one son, Spencer Allen.

3. PALL ARNOR PALSSON, Attorney at Law. Born 5 June 1948.

Páll Arnór has a law degree from the University of Iceland. He had a private law practice for many years and now is a partner in the law firm Pacta. Páll Arnór is also the Consul for Israel in Iceland. He is married to Ragnheidur Valdimarsdóttir and they have three children and two grand children: Thordis Hrönn Pálsdóttir (the mother of two), Páll S. Pálsson and Haukur Pálsson

.5. SIGNÝ PÁLSDÓTTIR Cultural Director for the City of Reykjavik, b. 11. Marh 1950.

Signý is the Director of the Office of Culture and Tourism for the City of Reykjavik.  Signý studied theatrical arts in Copenhagen and has been a major force in promoting Icelandic culture ever since. Her career has included being the director of the Akureyri Theatre, Director of marketing of the National Theatre and Director of the Reykjavik Arts Festival. She is the mother of three children and grandmother of four. Her children are: Melkorka Tekla Olafsdóttir (mother of one), Torfi Franz Olafsson (father of two) and Gudrun Johanna Olafsdóttir (mother of one).

5. THORUNN PALSDOTTIR, teacher & actor.Born 3 November 1951..

Thorunn (Tota) is schoolteacher at Laugarnesskoli where she teaches general subjects and acting to children. Tota has been an actress and has written and directed several children's plays. Once, she was the moderator of a TV show for children. She is a graduate of Iceland's Teachers' College and an acting academy. Thorunn is the mother of two children and grandmother of two. She is married to Thorsteinn Petursson. Her children are: Jon Pall Halldorsson (father of two) and Unnur Osk Stefansdottir.

6. SISSU PALSDOTTIR, artist and architect. Born. 22 November 1954.

Sigthrudur (Sissu). After a brief but painful bout with cancer, Sissu passed away on June 30, 2011. In spite of being confined to a wheelchair from the age of 19, Sissu was extraordinarily productive and creative, as can be glimpsed from her websites http://sissu.com/ and http://www.sissupals.blogspot.com/.  Sissu obtained a BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York and studied architecture at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She is survived by daughter, Sunna Gudrun Eaton, and four grandchildren.

7. Dr. ANNA HEIDA PÁLSDÓTTIR, Office Manager for Alcoa, university lecturer and writer. Born 14 May 1956.

Anna Heida has an MA in English Literature and a PhD in Children's Literature from University College Worcester (Coventry University, UK). Anna teaches creative writing at the University of Iceland and is a consultant to Alcoa in Iceland. She has written a bestselling young adult novel and numerous articles, in addition to translating and editing several books. Anna is married to Hilmar Hilmarsson and they have two children, Sigridur Asta Hilmarsdottir and Hilmar Hilmarsson, jr. More information on Anna's many projects can be found on this website.

8. IVAR PALSSON, businessman, b. 26 February 1958.

Ivar has a degree in marketing from Boston University. Through his firm is Saevorur, he exports  seafood from Iceland to multiple foreign countries. Ivar is an avid traveler and this picture was taken in Vietnam.  For more information on Ivar and his business, see http://sea.is/.  Ivar is married  to Gerdur Thoroddsen and is father of four and grandfather of two. His children are Oli Ivarsson (father of two), Magnús Thoroddsen Ívarsson, Stefán Páll Ívarsson and Hera Sólveig Ívarsdóttir.

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