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You don’t need to spend much on books for this course. You need three items:
1) The Course Handbook
2) Study Notes
3) A Christmas Carol
3) Jane Eyre.

Details on how to get hold of them:

1) The Course Handbook
I have assembled all the texts needed in two spiral-bound coursebooks of about 200+ pages each. You can download for free on Moodle.

If you don't have the opportunity to print, or want a spiral bound copy (which many find more convenient), please note that they will be for sale in our first session – both together for ISK 4,400. If you want to start reading before classes begin, drop Anna Heida an e-mail ( and arrange for pickup or delivery. Please specify if you want the Study Notes as well.

All three together cost ISK 6,500.

2) Study Notes
These are study notes on the poetry, the short stories, the play and the novel that we read during the course. Also some short articles.

A couple of years ago, these were in about 40 documents, but I have gathered them into one, which is 170 pages. You can download it from UGLA, or you can get them printed and spiral bound, with a cover, for ISK 2,100 from Anna Heida.

3) The novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

You don't need to buy this book, you can download a PDF from Moodle. If you want the book, you can get it cheap in a bookstore, or rent it in a library.

3) The novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

JANE EYRE (Oxford University Press), by Charlotte Brontë
This one is not expensive, it costs about 1,000 ISK in the student bookstore. You can also buy it elsewhere, if more convenient, or borrow it from a friend. The ground for choosing this work is, of course, its literary merit, and because it is a very typical Victorian novel.

It is a very enjoyable work of literature - so go ahead and get your copy to enjoy as summer reading on a rainy day. You can even read it in your computer, or your Kindle, on Google books (click here)



The University Bookstore

All textbooks for courses in the Department of English are available in the student bookstore: Bóksala stúdenta.

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