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8-10 October 2012

and you must report to Anna Heiða ( if you used one of these for your exam.

If you don't, your exam is invalid.

Many students trying!
I just took a look at the mailbox where the quiz results come in. So, for the last hour, 85 results have come in! They come in "Sets" when many people try at the same time. And you cannot imagine what it will be like later tonight. My garage is on fire! Now you see why I need to close down the trial quizzes while students are actually taking the exam.
Monday 3 October 2011 at 18:10

Quizzes will be closed
I need to close the quizzes - that is, to block access to them - while other students are taking the exam. So, you cannot take the trial quizzes at these times.
TUESDAY 4 October from 9:00-17:00
WEDNESDAY 5 October from 11:00-17:00
This is just to protect the server from "overheating" and maybe even crashing when people are taking the mid-term exam.
Monday 3 October 2011 at 18:00

Try the mid-term exam
If you click here, you can take the mid-term exam, as it is. You will probably not get the same questions (well, lucky if you do!), but this gives you an idea. I'll discuss it in class tomorrow.
Wednesday 28 September 2011 at 23:25

SIGNUP for Mid-Term exam
Remember: If you don't sign up for the exam, I cannot guarantee you a seat in a computer lab. The only available space left is in Oddi, on Tuesday, when our regular class should take place (11:40-13:10). Below, you can check if you've secured a place in other rooms - I will add the list of Oddi people when I'm sure you've all signed up.
.......Honestly, I get chills down my spine when I see this list! There's so many of you! And it's still incomplete ... But I appreciate each and every one of you, I'm glad you chose my course, and I will try to give you all the assistance you need.
Thursday 29 September 2011 at 18:11

Students taking exam in other places:
1. Birta Sæmundsdóttir Háskólinn in Akureyri (FINISHED OK).
2. Erla Ísafold Sigurðardóttir Námsver Farskólans in Blönduós (FINISHED OK).
3. Eydís Ósk Heimisdóttir Þekkingarnet Reyðarfjarðar (FINISHED OK).
4. Karen Björg Jóhannsdóttir Universidad de Guanajuato (contact made).
5. Katrín Dögg Pálsdóttir Icelandic Embassy in Copenhagen (contact made).
6. Lilja Dröfn Bjarnadóttir Jersey Channel Islands (contact made).
7. Milton Gonzalez Rodriguez Consulaat van Ijsland, Amsterdam (FINISHED OK)
8. Sara Sigurðardóttir Símennturnarstöð Vesturlands (FINISHED OK).
9. Óskar Ágúst Þorsteinsson, Þekkingarnet Austurlands (contact made).
10. Ragnar Víðisson, Háskólinn in Akureyri (FINISHED OK)

ODDI 301 Tuesday 4 October 11:40 13:10 (spaces still available)                              
1. Alexandra Young (RESULTS RECEIVED)
2. Ásta Karen Ólafsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
3. Björk Konráðsdóttir ABSENT
4. Böðvar Jónsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
5. Eiríkur Húni Bjarnason (RESULTS RECEIVED)
6. Fannar Sveinsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
8. Guðrún Halla Jóhannsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
9. Helga Kristín Óskarsdóttir ABSENT
10. Hildur Halldórsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
11. Ingibjörg Íris Ásgeirsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
12. Ingunn Valdís Baldursdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
14. Katja Kalinainen (RESULTS RECEIVED)
15. Marta Rut Traustadóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
16. Mikael Torfason (RESULTS RECEIVED)
17. Nina Johanne Madsen (RESULTS RECEIVED)
18. Ösp Gunnarsdóttir ABSENT
19. Pétur Eggertsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
20. Pratana Sorasit ABSENT
21. Rebecca Louder (RESULTS RECEIVED)
22. Sóley Arngrímsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
23. Tal Lewinsky (RESULTS RECEIVED)
24. Tinna Helgadóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
25. Trausti Ottesen (RESULTS RECEIVED)
26. Valdimar G. Guðmundsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
27. Vedran Borojevic ABSENT

GIMLI 101 Tuesday 4 October 11:40-13:10 FULL!
1. Borghildur Sigurmundsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
2. Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
3. Bryndís Samúelsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
4. Dagmar Magnadóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
6. Hákon Óttar Hjörvarsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
7. Helga Benediktsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
8. Helga Dögg Haraldsdóttir ABSENT
9. Hildur Guðbergsdóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)
10. Hjalti Þorsteinsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
11. Hugi Harðarson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
12. Ingimar Guðbjörnsson (RESULTS RECEIVED)
13. Laufey Blöndal (RESULTS RECEIVED)
14. María Lourdes Cantero (RESULTS RECEIVED)
15. Marinó Bóas Sigurpálsson (RESULTS RECEIVED!)
16. Marius Skjervold (RESULTS RECEIVED)
17. Orena Palmisano (RESULTS RECEIVED)
18. Steinunn Jóna Hauksdóttir ABSENT
19. Valgerður Bjarnadóttir (RESULTS RECEIVED)

HT-204 Wednesday 5 October 13:20-14:50 FULL!         
1. Aðalsteinn Einarsson
X. Anna Lilja Jóhönnudóttir
2. Birna Jensdóttir
3. Björgvin Brynjarsson
4. Bóel Guðlaugardóttir
5. Dagný Kristinsdóttir
6. Davíð Jacobsen
7. Díana Jóhannsdóttir
8. Eggert Örn Sigurðsson
9. Egill Arason
10. Elísabet Erla Kristjánsdóttir
11. Gísli Erlendur Marinósson
12. Guðlaugur Daðason
13. Guðrún María Jakobsdóttir
14. Guðrún S. Gröndal
15. Gunnar Magnússon
16. Gunnhildur Rós Oddsdóttir
17. Helga Kristín Guðlaugsdóttir
18. Herdís Guðrún Svansdóttir
19. Íris Björk Jakobsdóttir
20. Iris Jóhanna Ólafsdóttir
21. Íris Ósk Haraldsdóttir
22. Ívar Hólm Hróðmarsson
23. Katrín Pálsdóttir
24. Kristín Eygló Kristjánsdóttir
25. Kristín Helga Skarphéðinsdóttir
26. Kristín María Jónsdóttir
27. Leke Lekaj
28. Már Gíslason
29. María Kuzmenko
30. Maryse Krainert Egtved
31. Ólafur Jón Jónsson
32. Sara Thorsteinsdottir
33. Stefán Barði Kristjönuson
34. Steinunn Hákonardóttir
35. Svava Berglind Finsen
36. Wojciech Szaro
37. Þórunn Harðardóttir
38. Ægir Freyr Birgisson

HT-204 Wednesday 5 October 15:00-16:30 FULL!
1. Alba E. H. Hough
2. Alda Helen Sigmundsdóttir
3. Alisa Kalyanova
4. Andreas Brobak
5. Anna Lilja Jóhönnudóttir
6. Árný M. Eiríksdóttir
7. Ása Bryndís Gunnarsdóttir
8. Bess Renee Neal
9. Davíð Ben Guðmundsson
10. Diana L. Moràn Pincay
11. Eggert Þórbergur Gíslason
12. Elfa Dögg Ragnarsdóttir
13. Elísabet Jónsdóttir
14. Emma Havin Sardarsdóttir
15. Estelle Toutain
16. Eva Rut Helgadóttir
17. Guðný Eygló Ólafsdóttir
18. Hadda Rakel Marteinsdóttir
19. Hanna Clara Minshull
20. Heiðrún Hafliðadóttir
21. Hildur Rós Guðnadóttir.
22. Ingólfur Ólafsson
23. Ingunn Sigfúsdóttir
24. Íris Bjarnadóttir
25. Júlía Margrét Sveinsdóttir
26. Júlíana Garðarsdóttir
27. Katrín Erla Erlingsdóttir
28. Lilja Rut Jónsdóttir
29. Natalia Rumba
30. Rafal Grzymala
31. Sædís Ólöf Pálsdóttir.
32. Sólveig Sif Hreiðarsdóttir
33. Sonja Bjarnadóttir
34. Stefán Atli Jakobsson
35. Steinunn Vigdís Steindórsdóttir
36. Sunna Guðbjartsdóttir
37. Þorvaldur S. Björnsson
38. Veronika Marvalová

Freshmen night by BOG
Message from BOG: "Okay, people, it's time for our annual freshmen night! As per usual, this first party of the school year will be held at our homepub, Faktory, this coming Friday at 8 o'clock. There will be some free beer available, but given last year's experience, the beer tends to run out pretty quickly so you're advised to be on time. But you don't have to despair when the beer runs out, because there will be some great offers at the bar as well." I've added a map below, in case you don't know Smiðjustígur 6.
Wednesday 31 August 2011 at 18:52

Quizzes now working
The quizzes are now in the air, so you should be able to practice day & night!
Tuesday 30 August 2011 at 21:27

Don't you know where Á301 is?
Well, I fully understand if you find the HÍ premises confusing. In some time, you'll know them like the palm of your hand.
.......Look at the map below. ÁRNAGARÐUR is the place where our class will be (on the 3rd floor, room 301). Nýi Garður is where the great "foreign languages coffee room" is (in the cellar), and this is where you can always find your fellow students to chat and have fun. If you know these two places, you're safe!
Sunday 28 August 2011

Two dates to choose from, for the mid-term exam
There are not enough computer labs available in the slot chosen for the mid-term exam. Therefore, about half of the local students will take it on Tuesday October 4th, and the other half on Wednesday October 5th.
.......I will place sign-up boxes on Ugla, so you can reserve a place for you in one of the rooms on the day you wish. I chose the Wednesday slot as there seems to be no other first year class at that same time. So, this is the plan (you will choose a room/day):
Tuesday, 4 October, 11:40-14:50 in ODDI-301 (35 students)
Tuesday, 4 October, 11:40-14:50 in GIMLI-101 (18 students)
Wednesday 5 October, 13:20-14:50 in HT-204 (35 students)
Wednesday 5 October, 15:00-16:30 in HT-204 (35 students)
IF NEEDED: Wednesday 5 October, 13:20-14:50 in GIMLI-101 (18 students)
Monday 22 August 2011

It is OK to buy last year's books
We will use the same textbooks as last year, so if you can buy them cheap somewhere, go ahead. It doesn't matter which issue of Jane Eyre you use. I've had the Course Handbook I and II and Study Notes printed - you can buy it in the first class, or come to my home or office on Suðurlandsbraut to get it (I would have to pay someone to sell it to you, and I'm saving you money).
.......I saw an ad on Barnaland last year that someone was selling the Course Handbooks and Study Notes for, I think, 500 each. See here for Barnaland. Look at "skiptibækur." You can also go to "Skiptibókamarkaður" to look for books (here).
Friday 19 August 2011

No attendance requirement!
Some students have written to tell me that they can't show up in the first lecture, or never on Thursdays, etc. I should therefore emphasize that you don't need to show up - I never pass an attendance list. So, you don't need any excuses, you simply show up when you can. And I appreciate seeing many faces, so please come to class whenever you can!
If you can't come to class, there will be a video available right after each class. Actually, there are two videos: one BEFORE the break and one AFTER the break. You can watch these at your convenience, and pause them when you need a cup of coffee or to put the children to sleep.
Friday 19 August 2011

What does "Á" stand for?
A student asked, by e-mail, which room this Á-301 is. It means Árnagarður, 3rd floor. Árnastofnun is on the second floor - many people think it's on the first one, as counting floors starts in the cellar of this building. So, although it seems to have three floors (see here), it actually has four. Our room is the one with curtains drawn, at the far left, on the floor above the entrance in the picture.
.......This is a small room, takes about 90 students, and there are 151 of you, so I'm taking a chance, knowing from previous years that many of you have a job or a baby or some other duties that stop you from attending class. We'll see how this works! Maybe we will need to move to Háskólabíó, but I hope we can make this, as the friendly atmosphere of Árnagarður is "lost" in Háskólabíó.
Friday 19 August 2011

136 students last year
In 2009, there were 136 students , which meant that I had to drop the home assignment from earlier years (worth 10%) - it is humanly impossible to read 136 essays in a week or so. We simply did the two exams: the mid-term exam and the final exam. Both are done in a computer, which enables you to see immediately, when you've finished the exam, what you scored.
.......At the moment, 151 students have signed up, and there are always last minute additions, so I expect a lot of you. Still, I try to give you all some personal attention if needed. Don't be afraid to drop me an e-mail if you have any problems or questions - or, preferably, post them on UGLA, for the benefit of the other students.
Friday 19 August 2011

Recession measures
Well, I guess you all know that there is a recession in Iceland. For that reason, I've decided to make the three books (Course Handbook I, Course Handbook II and Study Notes) available for download on UGLA, for free.
.......Actually, you can read or download Jane Eyre, too, and A Christmas Carol from the Internet, so, the textbooks for this course, you could say, are entirely free. It shouldn't cost you a penny, if you don't mind reading from your computer. I'll add some links on the textbook page.
.......I aim for an entirely paperless course. All your books are available from the Internet, and you take your exams online, so we can save the rain forests!
.......Those of you who want the books in print, to read in bed, in your favourite armchair, or on the bus, you can, of course, have them, like last year's students. They are spiral bound, and the set of three is available in your first class for 6,200 krona, that is:
.......Course Book I
.......Course Book II
.......Study Notes
If you want to buy the books, please let me know by e-mail ( with your name.  I can get the books printed and bound, at a good price, but I don't want to print more than necessary.
Friday 19 August 2011

This website is up!
Dear students. Each year I have used this website to communicate all kinds of information to students, as I don't want to constantly send out announcements. Many of the pages need updating and I will go through them one by one.
Friday 19 August 2011

Some jokes to keep you amused until we start: "William, construct a sentence using the word 'archaic'."
"We can't have archaic and eat it, too.""All right, now we'll make up sentences using the word 'beans'."
1st: "My father grows beans."
2nd: "My mother cooks beans."
3rd: "We are all human beans."

"Do you come from Boston?"
"Certainly not! I'm talking this way because I cut my mouth on a bottle."

"Why don't you go straight home."
"I said - go straight home. You know what straight means?"
"Sure - without ginger ale."

"Can you tell me the meaning of the word 'unaware'?"
"'Unaware' is what you put on first and take off last."

"Don't you know what an 'operetta' is?"
"Don't be silly! An operetta is a girl who works for the telephone company."

"Don't under-rate yourself. I hope you know what under-rate is?"
"Sure, seven."



Part 1 link (12.12.12) ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES

Part 2 link (12.12.12) ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES



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