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MA RITGERÐ / MA THESIS, University of Iceland, 1999.

„Correspondent Breezes: The Influence of Wordsworth's Prelude (1850) on Charlotte Brontë's Writing of Villette (1853)“ Thesis submitted for the degree of MA in English Literature. University of Iceland. Department of English. Reykjavik, 1999.

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My MA-thesis, „Correspondent Breezes: The Influence of Wordsworth's Prelude (1850) on Charlotte Brontë's Writing of Villette (1853)“ PLEASE RESPECT COPYRIGHT. I would be happy to know if you plan to quote the thesis, so please notify me if you do. Click on the Adobe icon to view in Adobe Acrobat (275 KB).


I was an exchange student at the University of Liverpool for one semester in 1995 , studying for an MA in Victorian Literature, when I started working on the MA-thesis. One of the dozens of books we read from the Victorian era was Villette by Charlotte Brontë. I was struck by its similarities to William Wordsworth's Prelude (the 1950 version), and toyed with the idea of writing on that theme.

My supervisor at the University of Liverpool was Brian Nellist, and he helped me a great deal in the original stages of the thesis. He was a true inspiration. I was only about a third into the thesis when I left Liverpool. Back in Iceland, I had to finish my BA, which was only half-done when I went to Liverpool, and my BA-thesis. Having finished the BA-thesis, and graduated with a BA in English from the University of Iceland in June 1996, I had to go and find a job.

I got a job with the Icelandic Milk Distribution Centre and took a few MA-courses part-time. All this time, from May 1995 to 1998, the thesis was just forgotten in some drawer. In early 1998, I talked to Professor Robert Cook at the University of Iceland and he accepted to be my supervisor. I did a little writing and a lot of research that year.

In late 1998, I quit my job and went to University College Worcester to do a PhD in Children's Literature. My supervisor for the PhD, Dr. Jean Webb, allowed me to start the PhD study although the MA-thesis was not yet done. She gave me a lot of advice and read the thesis with her sharp, critical eye. Early in 1999, I turned it in to Robert Cook, who also provided advice, and the final copy was submitted to the University in Iceland in 1999. The grade I got was 9.5 (on a scale of 0-10).

I am very thankful to the three people above for all their encouragement and friendly advice.

Anna Heida


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